WELCOME TO GO2 bitumen ltd

Cold Asphalt Global is about providing practical solutions for road maintenance problems which are faced by contractors, national and local government and people particularly in Third World countries. Providing and maintaining excellent roading facilities is a common problem in most countries. However, we have worked out a solution that can be used by all.

Building roads is important but just as important is keeping them functional and in good repair. Bitumend™ Coldmix offers a solution which allows you to make a quality Coldmix yourself and at reasonable cost.

We recognise that in Third World countries, the money available to spend on maintaining infrastructure, particularly roads, is limited and needs to be spread as far and wide as possible.

Our solution is to provide a high-quality product called Bitumend™ Coldmix, which ensures that roads are maintained at an excellent level. We assist you to make it yourself close to where the product is going to be used, at a low cost.

We are looking to develop partnerships and relationships with suitable contractors in different regions. We suggest you have a look at the videos, as they explain what we are looking for. After this, please consider if this is something that interests you. We can discuss this with you in detail.