About Us

Cold Asphalt Global was birthed out of Highway1 Intl Ltd (refer www.highway1.co.nz), which is a New Zealand family business, whose Mission Statement is: “changing the worlds roads with smart innovative ideas”.

 As part of this objective, we have been developing coldmix for more than 15 years and have made continual improvements to our formulation. Roading contractors are telling us this is the best cold asphalt they have ever used.

Cold Asphalt Global is the international arm and has continued to develop formulations for a wide range of climatic conditions including cold and hot conditions and/or wet and dry environments.

The formulation may vary but the product works in all conditions.

This is not the only innovative roading-related product that the people at Highway 1 have developed. However, it is unique in that it is the first product that assists you to make your own product.

New Zealand businesses are renowned for being agile, and quick to find and embrace new ways of doing things. This is exactly what has been done with this “make your own Coldmix” product. A major feature is that the developers are willing to share their knowledge, thereby allowing clients to make this product for themselves in their own environments and within their cost structure.