Recycling asphalt that has been taken up as part of recycling tarmac (we refer to it as wrap) is becoming more important. Environmental considerations are increasingly important and such material has a healthy coating of bitumen and deserves to be re-used.

Cold Asphalt Global is able to provide Bitumend™ binder specifically formulated to help the wrap material be recycled and turned into a very satisfactory Coldmix product . This can be used either in permanent or temporary repairs.

The cost to make this product is quite cheap because the base material is virtually free to you. Also, it includes bitumen, which is effectively re-used, so the Bitumend™ Binder has a specific formulation that includes less bitumen. It is therefore available to you at a lower price, thus saving money on the binder and base material. You will be taking an environmentally unsafe material and turning it into a re-usable product.

Depending on how enlightened your government or local bodies are on these environmental concerns, you may find them very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take this waste material and recycle it.