Q) Can the product be used in wet conditions?
A) Yes. This is not a problem as a pot hole could be full of water and still be repaired/filled with Bitumend® Coldmix.  Obviously you remove as much water as possible and go ahead and do repair.

Q) Our climate has a high in summer of 35° and a low of 5° in winter.  Does the product work at either end of this scale?
A) Our product is designed to work at either end of this scale.  For some clients, we have a summer and winter formulation which varies slightly, but this is not really necessary to do an effective repair.

Q) Currently we put bitumen on an area to be repaired, add stone, apply more bitumen and compact.  It’s very cheap so why change?
A) This type of repair does not last and you will end up repairing it again next year.

Q) Why should we care, we get paid every time, even if it is the same area every year?
A) That may be true, but Third World countries are not short on pot holes and roads that need repair.  The shortage is usually money to do all repairs and maintenance.  Why not repair properly?  The budget for next year will always be there, as there are endless repairs required.  In the end, the party paying the bill will realise there is a better way to do repairs.  Why not be at the forefront of introducing a better way forward, than have someone else do it and win the business at your expense.

Q) Can we build a road with Coldmix?
A) Coldmix is designed as a maintenance material for repairs and filling of pot holes.  Having said that the product is of such good quality many contractors are going to find all kinds of innovative uses for the Bitumend® Coldmix product. The product has been used for large scale repairs (e.g 15m2)

Q) How long does it last made up before we have to use it?
A) In a sealed 20Kg bag the product can be usable 6  to 12 months after bagging(depending on the bag type – In a foil bag it will last more than 12 months)  In an unsealed 1 tonne bag, the life is 3 months.

Q) How long will a repair last?
A) This is difficult to estimate as circumstance vary.  However if it is done properly, the repair will last longer than the original bitumen around it.

Q) How soon after a repair can we drive on it?
A) Just minutes afterwards.  The product gains its strength through compaction, so it is strong and ready to use almost immediately after it has been completed.

Q) What if I want to manufacture and distribute the product in my region or country?
A)  Brilliant, we would love to discuss with you the equipment required, ingredients and process of manufacture.  This opportunity is ideal for an entity who currently supplies to the roading industry or a road maintenance contractor.  With either looking to expand revenue and margin opportunities.  Contact us here: