Benefits of coldmix asphalt

INSTANT – LONG LASTING REPAIRS – No Fuss, No Mess, No Worries!

We have been developing coldmix for more than 15 years and have made continual improvements to our formulation. Roading contractors are telling us this is the best cold asphalt they have ever used. 

The key benefits of using cold mix are:

  • Permanent Pothole repair(outlasts the asphalt surrounding the pothole)
  • Easy to Use
  • No Heating Required
  • No drying time
  • Used in all weather conditions
  • Immediately ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • No Wasted Product and the end of each day
  • No emulsion required
  • No dumping costs
  • No special equipment needed.
  • Very cost effective
  • Strong Foil bag – Can be stored sealed for more than a year and doesn’t puncture or tear easily

Not all cold mixes are made equal

The quality of the Coldmix is very important. It needs to be easy to use and long-lasting. Choosing our high grade product, will mean you won’t have to return and redo your repairs.

Our coldmix is of an incredibly high standard that it can be used anywhere from a residential driveway to the harsh environment of a state highway.

Other brands often use a smaller stone that is suitable for low traffic areas such as a driveway.  If used in an environment where you have forklifts or trucks it will fail and blow out in no time at all.


Our coldmix formula uses a larger stone that forms a good stone on stone matrix.  This creates a very strong bond that can handle real pressure in a harsh environment.  we use a premium stone approved and certified to use on our state highways.

A great example of this is in our ports where very large forklifts are being used.  Our coldmix has proven that it can cope with the huge pressures placed upon it.

Another thing we are really proud of is that it pours easily yet sets quickly under pressure.  Our pressure sensitive polymers make it set incredibly hard but still flexible enough to handle any movement in the road.

Our foil bags give the coldmix a good 12 months shelf life and doesn’t puncture or tear easily.

 We have proven through research and development that our coldmix provides a long lasting solution that is more often better than hotmix