What is cold Mix asphalt

Our Coldmix Asphalt is a high quality polymer-modified asphalt mix that can be used by councils, contractors and business owners to fill potholes and repair roads, carparks or driveways straight from the bag.

Our cold mix asphalt product does not need heating in order to be activated – simply pour coldmix into the pothole in-need of repair, compress the cold mix down and your pothole is repaired.

This coldmix asphalt repair remains strong and flexible yet easy enough to use when you open the bag.Not all cold mix asphalt products are made equal.Our experience has shown us that our high grade cold mix provides a long term repair that typically is better and outlasts other repairs made using hotmix asphalt.

Benefits of ColdMix asphalt

We have been selling coldmix for many years and we have made continual imporvements to our formulation over the years.Our customers are telling us this is the best cold asphalt we have ever produced.The benefits of using cold mix are:

  • Permanent Pothole repair.
  • Easy to use
  • Used in all weather conditions
  • Can be trafficked immediately
  • No wasted Product
  • No emulsion required
  • No dumping costs
  • No special equipment needed
  • Very cost effective

How do I repair a pothole using Cold mix Asphalt

It is easy to use and requires no special equipment other than a spade a something to compact the cold asphalt.The unique formulation of Bitumend Coldmix enables this cold mix asphalt to “go off” or start to set when it is compacted in an open environment outside the bag.


  1. Clean the hole of any debris and remove any loose pieces around the hole (and if possible give yourself a vertical edge around the hole for the Bitumend Coldmix to butt up against – it lengthens the life of the repair)
  2. Fill the hole with Bitumend Coldmix
  3. Crowning – Make middle slightly higher than the sides – this is called crowning – depending on the size of the repair give yourself a 5-10cm crown – this counteracts the subsidence caused by compacting
  4. Compact – a compactor is recommended for larger holes while driving back and forth over it in a vehicle(eg 4×4) is also very effective.  Timber posts can also be used as a compactor on smaller holes.

NB For sealing your pothole around the edges we recommend you used Bitumend Crackfix to prevent water getting back in and destabilizing the sub-base

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