Make Your own Cold mix asphalt

Building roads is important but just as important is keeping them functional and in good repair. Bitumend™ Coldmix offers a solution which allows you to make a quality Coldmix yourself and at reasonable cost.

Making Coldmix asphalt is very simple.  All you need to do is to mix aggregate and our coldmix binder. We supply the Bitumend™ binder and you supply the aggregate.


  • Aggregate
  • Bitumend™ binder(supplied by
  1. Add 500kg of stone
  2. Add 30L of binder to stone while machine is operating
  3. Mix for 3/5 minutes
  4. Empty mixer completely – Start Procedure again


Aggregate or stone of the right size and shape represent 94% of the total mass of the Coldmix.

The aggregate has to be roading aggregate 7mm stone or less, it must be crushed, but retrain sharp edges. River stone or smooth stone is not acceptable, sharp edges ensure a strong bind in the product when it is being used as it reduces movement and ensures rigidity.

The aggregate must be dry at the time of mixing. We cannot overstress the importance of this. It may be necessary to store the aggregate under cover to keep it dry.

The binder and polymers make the difference. The Bitumend™ Binder is added and mixed to the stone so that a complete covering of the stone is achieved.
The result is that all edges of the stone when touching another stone, bind and interact in a strong and resilient way to make the final product.

What We Supply

We supply you with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to start making your own product.
If you do not have suitable mixing equipment we can supply you with commercial permanent mixers and/or smaller portable options.
A typical commercial mixer (for permanent foundations) can make 50MT in an eight-hour shift (pictured below).
A portable mixer can be moved to constructions sites and make 15MT in an eight- hour shift.


It is essential that the staff using the Bitumend™ Coldmix are trained in how to use the product and how to do a road repair. The best product in the hands of an untrained person will result in poor repairs and client dissatisfaction.

If needed, we can make videos available for you to use in training staff to correctly do this. Having said that, we do believe that it is better for you to make your own video in your own language and in your own working conditions.

Your staff will learn the difference between a good and a bad repair and how to ensure each repair they make is high quality and permanent.


We put the product into bags for transport purposes and to resell the product through hardware stores etc.
Examples of bags are:

1 Tonne bag empty – US$12.00 each
20kg bag empty – US$1.20 each

We are also able to supply 1 tonne and 20kg bags. If the order is big enough (10,000 x 20kg bags) we can brand the 20kg bag with your own branding.
In New Zealand, some of our clients drive their trucks into our yard, where we load them up and off they drive, thus avoiding the cost of a bag.

How much do I need?

Aggregate (920kg) + Bitumend™ Binder(80 Litres) =  1 Metric Tonnes of high quality Bitumend™ Coldmix.

We supply the Bitumend™ Binder in 200 litre drums. The Bitumend™ Binder is ready to use, and simply needs to be mixed in the correct quantities, and must be mixed thoroughly before bagging. This product does not need to be heated before use.

This means that 1 Metric Tonne (5 drums of 200KG of Bitumend™ Binder) will make 12.5 Metric Tonnes of quality Bitumend™ Coldmix.

Please Note: It is very easy to add more Bitumend™ Binder than is required. This does not make the Coldmix any better, but does make it unnecessarily more expensive. Make sure the quantities are correct for the batches you are making.

Our Highway1 branded 20kg bag is pictured on our website.  For more info please click the button below or copy the link:

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